Global traders in
energy & commodities

Our objective is to achieve excellence by forging strategic alliances with numerous market leaders.

Building upon this strategic foundation, our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in energy and commodities markets, trade, origination and finance; positioning AVARI as a reliable partner of repute.

We have forged multiple alliances and successfully concluded some notable acquisitions within the energy sector. These initiatives are positioning us strategically towards significant positions in the global markets.


We initiate physical transactions to optimize the entire value chain for our customers.

Our main trading focus is crude oil, refined products, and natural gas.


We trade various metals and minerals through well-established supply chains.

These commodities are primarily sourced from global producers to cater to the manufacturing and construction sectors.


Our primary traded crops are wheat, barley, and maize (for feed and milling).

As part of our quality assurance policy, we predominantly source these cereals from Eastern Europe.


We have significant presence in key sectors of the energy economy, including energy, minerals, metals, and agricultural trading.


Our commitment to excellence and strategic partnerships ensures the reliable sourcing, distribution, and delivery of petroleum products to meet the energy demands of industries and consumers worldwide.


Our dedication to ethical conduct and adherence to regulations begins with the leadership.

Adherence to laws, regulations, and standards is an essential obligation and deeply ingrained commitment among our entire workforce.

This commitment is rigorously enforced under the vigilant oversight of our experienced compliance teams situated in London, Geneva, and Dubai.

Our compliance initiative is pivotal and underscores our dedication to corporate responsibility and business ethics.

We continually assess and enhance this initiative, adapting policies and procedures to stay aligned with evolving requirements.